Safety Briefings

From your medical certification to aerospace medicine, runway incursions, procedures, radio communications, navigations, and planning, and many more topics, ActivePILOT safety briefing workshops are designed to help you in becoming a safer, more capable, and better pilot.

Aviation Incidents

Aviation incidents, while often have sad results, are one of the greatest learning tools in the aviation industry. By examining aviation incidents and air crash investigations, we identify problems, analyze procedures, and evaluate the results to learn from the mistakes or the heroic actions of other pilots to become aware pilots ourselves.

Drone Flying

Flying a drone for the first time can be intimidating for beginners. However, this course is designed to cover the following topics:

  • Your drone: Including the different components, accessories, and best practices.
  • Basic Regulation: Everything you need to know about FAA regulation for hobbyists.
  • Airspace: Finding airspace information and how to identify the airspace in which you are about to fly, as well as how to request approval if it’s necessary.
  • Weather Information: Basics of meteorology and how to find aviation weather information.
  • Your first flight: Safely complete your first flight, including how to pick a safe area, how to complete a preflight inspection, how to take off, maneuver, and land.
  • Basic Photography and Videography: Basic principles of photography and videography, including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, capture modes (A, S, M), frame rate, HDR, ND filters, and many more.