School Policy


Prior to scheduling and placing your deposit, you must obtain an FAA First Class Medical Certificate and meet all of the admissions prerequisites, including:

  • Successfully complete an Introductory Training Flight with ActivePILOT.
  • Be US Citizenship (or Permanent Resident).
    • All non-US citizen aliens must be cleared by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) first to initiate flight training. Candidates can obtain a TSA clearance by applying online at
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have High School Diploma or GED.
  • Have FAA Third Class Medical Certificate.
  • Adherence to Height and Weight Limits.

Accelerated Program Attendance Policy

As a student, you are responsible for regularly attending training events and making your best effort to complete training within the time frame of the program. If you are unable to meet the participation requirements and you wish to resume training after a long period of inactivity, ActivePILOT may increase the price of your program to the current price.

If you are unable to meet the requirements of this attendance policy, ActivePILOT may either discontinue your training program or impose a price increase if your program was started at a cost below advertised prices.

Required Availability & Time Commitment

The accelerated program requires a full-time commitment. Students must be available for training seven days per week. ActivePILOT strives to provide two days off each week. Because schedules are built to maximize student return on investment and keep students on schedule with projected completion dates, weekend flying will likely be required. Success in the programs requires flexibility and adaptability. There may be delays due to maintenance, weather, and other factors outside of ActivePILOT’s control. Students are expected to be present at the training center and adaptable to schedule changes.

Student Preparedness Policy

You must arrive well-prepared for each lesson. This means that you will arrive with all reading assignments complete, all videos watched, and home study works completely.

Lesson No-Show / Late Cancellation Policy

ActivePILOT will impose a fee for tardiness, lack of preparation, and cancellations within 24 hours.

If you are scheduled for a simulator lesson or flight training event and weather or maintenance becomes a factor, you are still expected to arrive on time for training. Your instructor will decide the appropriate course of action which may include substituting the planned lesson with another suitable to the conditions. ATP understands that extenuating circumstances do occur and will allow exceptions to this policy at its sole discretion. Any time your account incurs a cancellation fee, payment must be received before any further training will be scheduled.

Refund Policy

It’s simple and ethical: you or ActivePILOT reserves the right to terminate your training at any time. ActivePILOT’s refund policy quickly accommodates students who elect to discontinue the program for any reason. It is important to receive your refund in an expeditious manner so you can use the funds to continue your flight training at another school, repay a loan, or cover emergency needs.

Height and Weight Limits

Students taller than 6’3″ will be assessed during an Introductory Training Flight for comfort level inside the aircraft and the ability to fully manipulate the controls. Due to aircraft operational limitations, students weighing more than 250 lbs. may be denied training in ActivePILOT aircraft.