Aircraft Rentals

ActivePILOT offers a wide range of airplane make and models for rental including Cessna 172, Piper Warrior, and Piper Bonanza complex airplanes, giving you the freedom to make your flying experience different each time.

Insurance Policy

ActivePILOT requires all members interested in renting its fleet to acquire Aircraft Renters Insurance before checking out an airplane. Aircraft renters’ insurance policies are primarily designed to protect you from liability damages incurred with the added risks of flying aircraft that you don’t own. It is an annual policy designed to protect you when flying aircraft that you have either rented or borrowed. Also known as a non-owned aircraft insurance policy, and typically written as a 1-year, annual insurance policy.

ActivePILOT’s minimum required policy is:

  • Personal Injury: $25,000
  • Property Damage: $250,000
  • Each Accident: $250,000
  • Aircraft Damage: $10,000

Here are a few prominent insurance companies offering the best coverage and price that ActivePILOT accepts:


Check out our fleet of airplanes and get to know the experience each has to offer.

Airplane Checkout

In order to fly with our airplanes, we require a one-time checkout for the class and type of airplane you are renting, and the process could not be any easier:

  • Select your aircraft make and model (ex. Cessna 172 SP).
  • Make an appointment for a First-time Checkout.
  • Complete a short ground review of the rental aircraft and company policies.
  • Complete a short flight with an ActivePILOT CFI.

Member Bookings

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First Time Checkout

Call to make an appointment for your first-time checkout endorsement.

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