Financial Aid

Need Help financing Your Flight Training?

The AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) offer various financial aid and scholarship programs to help student pilots achieve their goals and ActivePILOT is proud to go the extra mile to help its students with additional scholarships and help toward qualifying for the available programs. Together, we make flying possible.

Discount Programs

Advance Deposit Credit. $300 credit by depositing an initial $3,000 or more and maintaining a minimum balance of $500 on their Flight Schedule Pro account.

Block Rate Credit. $100 credit for every 10 hours and $250 credit for every 20 hours of aircraft time block purchased in advance.


AOPA Loans

AOPA Flight Training Financing enables you to put your loan to work and become a proficient pilot. AOPA offers Private Pilot’s license for as little as $150-300 a month, Instrument Rating for as little as $175 a month, and Multi-engine Rating for as little as $75 a month.

Apply today and receive a decision within 1 business day.

AOPA Scholarships

AOPA Flight Training Scholarships can be used for flight training expenses in pursuit of a primary pilot certificate or advanced rating. In 2019, AOPA gave away more than $1 million in scholarships to high school students, teachers, and adults in flight training.

Find a scholarship best suited for you and apply today.

Pilot Finance

Pilot Finance Loans

Pilot Finance offers affordable monthly payment plans customized with your training schedule. Whatever your reasons have been for putting off flight training in the past, Pilot Finance has removed all the obstacles so that you can begin your life as a pilot…today! If you already have your certificate, Pilot Finance can help you earn your advanced ratings.

Apply today and receive a decision within 1 business day.

  • Affordable.You won’t have to come up with a fortune to begin training. You won’t watch your credit card balance climb after each lesson. You won’t have to consider dropping out because costs are building up.
  • Easy.There is no red tape required to process an application. Flight training financing is all they do, so they have streamlined each step. You just apply, sign, and fly!
  • Flexible.Pilot Finance has created several programs to fit your exact needs. Check out their chart to find the plan that works best for you.
  • No Surprises. Pilot Finance lets you earn the certificate or advanced rating you want, with no financial shocks along the way. Everything is clearly spelled out upfront.

ActivePILOT Scholarships

In partnership with the local businesses and aviation enthusiasts, ActivePILOT has created various scholarships to help dreamers join the industry and become pilots. A special thanks to all the following businesses for making our program a success and help hundreds of dreams coming true.

ActivePILOT Dreamers

This scholarship is open to all aviation lovers and dreamers regardless of their age, sex, race, gender, academic, or immigration status.

Application Period Not Open yet

ActivePILOT Women

This scholarship is sex-specific and is designed to encourage and help more women to become pilots and join the aviation industry.

Application Period Not Open yet

Next Generation

This scholarship is age specific and is designed for the next generation pilots starting their career between the age of 17 to 21.

Application Period Not Open yet