Enrollment Options

ActivePILOT offers two enrollment options: Open Enrollment and Academic Cohort.

Both options offer a similar path to acquiring your pilot license with minor differences in the scheduling of your classes and whether you would like to be enrolled in a group or individual setting for your lessons. Below is a complete list of comparisons between the two approaches, however, if you need more help in finding the best journey for your flight training, we recommend scheduling a Free Zoom Consultation with one of our counselors.

Open Enrollment


Students interested in the Open Enrollment programs can select from flexible training schedules and customize their journey to match their personal and professional life. Open enrollment cadets can begin their training right away in single-member sessions.

Enrollment Date

Any Day/Time

Class Setting

Individual Sessions

Training Schedule


90-180 Days

2-3 Lessons/Week

Training Times

Any Time

Academic Cohort


Students interested in this Academy’s program are enrolled in a 5-days/week schedule. Each academy starts on a set date and students are enrolled in group sessions to meet the ground and flight requirements.

Enrollment Date

Set Days/Time

Class Setting

Group Sessions

Training Schedule


45-60 Days

5 Lessons/Week

Training Times

Classes Start 9 AM
Classes End 5 PM

Start with an Introductory Flight

Get your first experience of taking off, flying, and landing an airplane with a certified flight instructor by your side. Later, meet the team and current students to ask all the questions you have about becoming a pilot.

Start with a Zoom Consultation

Our Zoom consultations are the most convenient way of answering all your questions about starting your flight training to becoming a pilot. Zoom consultations are free of charge, but we require advance scheduling.

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